August 16, 2008

August 16, 2008

It is great having you join me again. Thanks for stopping by to check out another day in my life and seeing how my Saturday is going.

It was another low key day here as I recover from recent health problems. Actually it is so hot and humid in Florida this time of year that I am more than glad to spend time in my comfortable air conditioned home with my pets. The extra time I have been spending with my dogs and cat has been a lot of fun for all of us. They have definitely gotten use to me being home all the time and actually act upset when I do have to go somewhere now. I came home from a doctor appointment recently and had Sugar give me attitude which made me laugh. I know most people do not think animals have souls but they definitely have their own personality.

Besides spending time with my pets at home, I have also been watching a lot of the coverage from the Olympics in China. Under other circumstances, Nastia Liukin would have been the star of the Olympics for the U.S. delegation Friday. After all, she was crowned the all-around champion of womenís gymnastics, with a heck of a backstory about overcoming the exact obstacle that stopped her father 20 years ago. Alas, her performance came on the same day Michael Phelps was in action. Phelps ratcheted up the buzz surrounding him by winning his sixth gold medal in as many tries, this time the 200-meter individual medley. The bigger news is that heís now on the cusp of catching Mark Spitz for the most medals ever won at a single Olympics, and still has a chance to bump the record to eight. Phelps has already branded himself the greatest Olympian by shattering the record for most career golds; this was his 12th, further separating him from Spitz and three others, who each have nine. Liukinís victory likely will inspire a generation of youngsters just like Mary Lou Retton did with her all-around win in 1984 and Carly Patterson did four years ago.

The difference this time is that Americans finished 1-2, with reigning world champion Shawn Johnson getting silver. And thatís where Liukinís saga gets so interesting. At the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Valeri Liukin got silver in the menís all-around, losing to one of his Russian teammates. He won two individual golds, but never forgot that loss. History seemed to be repeating as the toughest foe in the world for his only child was her teammate. In addition to the world championship, Johnson beat Liukin at the national championships and at the Olympic trials only a few weeks ago. But not when it counted most. Friday was the first great-weather day of the Beijing Olympics, the sky so clear that many first-time visitors discovered there are mountains around the city. Haze and clouds blocked them until a heavy rain Thursday gave the skies a good rinsing. The United States Olympics athletes led the medal count with 46 through Fridayís events, and China was next with 41. So far there has been some great Olympic moments and I am sure there are plenty more to come. It's great watching the Olympics but it is not the same as seeing it in person. I have been fortunate enough to attend two different Olympic games in my life and they were both one of those experiences in life that you never forget.

The big news today is out of Georgia. Bigfoot or big fat lie? Whenever someone reports sighting the hairy beast of yore (details always fuzzy) or capturing the hirsute humanoid on film (images always grainy), it scares up a dubious debate of international proportions. Friday was just the latest episode in the Sasquatch show, as unreal as it may be. Two men who claim to have stumbled across a Bigfoot corpse in the woods of northern Georgia indignantly stood by their story at a news conference in Palo Alto during which they offered an e-mail from a scientist as evidence and acknowledged they wouldn't mind making a few bucks from the find they have kept stuffed in a freezer for over a month. As they faced a skeptical audience of several hundred journalists and Bigfoot fans that included one curiosity seeker in a Chewbacca suit, the pair were joined Friday by Tom Biscardi, head of a group called Searching for Bigfoot. Other Bigfoot hunters call Biscardi a huckster looking for media attention. Biscardi fielded most of the questions. Among them: Why should anyone accept the men's tale when they weren't willing to display their frozen artifact or pinpoint where they allegedly found it? How come bushwhackers aren't constantly tripping over primate remains if there are as many as 7,000 Bigfoots roaming the United States, as Biscardi claimed?

Whitton and Dyer have offered three different accounts of how they found the beast's remains. In early videos, the animal was shot by a former felon, and the men followed it into the woods. In a second version, they found a "family of Bigfoot" in the north Georgia mountains. In the third, the two were hiking and stumbled upon the corpse with open wounds. In one of their YouTube videos, they are shown speaking with a man they identify as a scientist. Earlier this week, they admitted that the man was Dyer's brother. Dyer said they were simply having fun. Asked why anyone should believe his claims when he already had shown a flair for tomfoolery, he suggested that skeptics simply are jealous. So it will be interesting to see what the official autopsy and genetic testing discover. I personally think the whole thing is a hoax but time will tell.

The other big news that everyone is talking about is Ellen DeGeneres. Daytime talkshow queen Ellen DeGeneres and fiancee Portia de Rossi will be tying the knot this weekend, reports Us Weekly. Ellen, 50, and Portia, 35, have a small wedding in mindĖa small, intimate ceremony with only a close group of family and friends. The coupled decided to tie the knot back in May when the California Supreme Court to overturned the stateís ban on same-sex marriage. So from Daddy Dab to Ellen and Portia break a leg girls. I hope you have a beautiful ceremony and time for a very romantic honeymoon.

Well that's another day in my life. How about you? I hope you have a great weekend. Remember to make it a memorable and enjoyable one.

Wishing you health, hope and happiness.

Big bear hug,

Daddy Dab